We provide body centric expertise for both form & function, enabling product and software designers to deliver effective, health driven end user experiences.

Brytespark understands the
human body, how we move,
how we work and how we
interact with products...
Our Approach

Delivering Expert Driven Innovation.

Identify & Understand

At Brytespark we take the time to understand your challenge in hand, exploring the central objectives through knowledge sharing to define intent, delivering efficient development and outcome strategies.

Research Solutions

Our specialised team draw on their global experience, delivering clarity to any research required, investigating & exploring key outcomes enabling a truly tailored project pathway.

Applied Learning

Adapting & uniting our understanding to create solutions, whether physical product, digital or combined, the Brytespark team excel at defining application pathways for successful delivery.

Invent & Create

From initial designs to prototyping & production, the Brytespark team are experts at delivering refined product solutions for both private & public sectors within global markets.

Experts in Human Movement

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Innovators in health, medicine, fitness and sport...

The Brytespark team are experts in Biomechanics, Medicine & Fitness . We offer professional understanding of both the requirements & impact of human interaction, across physical products & delivered services.

The Brytespark team offer intrinsic understanding of human movement. We work with organisations to enhance products, interactions or user experiences currently in life-cycle, support the development & delivery of new ideas and help build product development strategies to create commercial value.

Proven Method & Expertise

From scientific research, health & fitness expertise, through to product or software design, creation & delivery – the team at Brytespark can help.

We offer a team forged through their qualification, knowledge and experiences drawn directly from medical, sports, fitness & health industries – alongside a winning approach to make every project a success.

Get your project moving in the right direction, find out a little more about how Brytespark provide access to world class project management & development.

Our Approach...

Product Development & Strategy

We have the pleasure of working with businesses from a diverse range of markets, both in the UK and globally. We offer finely tuned consultation on product development projects, with our team delivering insights tailored to drive design, creation, enhancement & use.

With a portfolio spanning a wide range of industries, from Automotive, Footwear & Fitness Equipment to Software Development (& more!), our team offer specialist knowledge to enhance current & future opportunities for your project.

If your project relates to how the human body interacts with a product – then connect with the Brytespark team today…

Professional. Unique. Strength through learning...

Brytespark offers an international team of experts, on hand to support you with your project.  Every memebr of our team are recognised specialists in their respective fields with a wealth of proven experience so you can be sure that you will receive the best possible advice and ongoing support.

Our Team...