Brytespark work with product designers & manufacturers to deliver fully integrated solutions.

We help our Clients create quantifiable, positive change within their products or services, offering complete support throughout the project management life-cycle....and beyond.

With world class athletes alongside sports & health specialists available within our team we have extensive understanding of consumer demands within sports and fitness industries. Ongoing product evolution & increased focus on user impact means a challenging, rapidly changing commercial landscape. Brytespark offers the ability to deliver unified outcomes, giving products the edge through advanced integrations, helping drive successful outputs & outcomes for brands and producers.

Engineered For Excellence


Adapting products to deliver biomechanical advantage.

With expansive body-centric knowledge and expertise, the Brytespark team have the skill set required to assess, measure and make commercial recommendations that focus on enhancing biomechanical interactions for product users.
As we have with the GRYPiT® product range, we excel at helping our Clients push the boundaries of their product development. We create robust assessment & research, delivery of application designs, solutions and the onward measurement of outcomes.

Users regularly report a much stronger and more comfortable grip when training with GRYPiT® products, allowing for more intense, productive work-outs.  This feedback is key testament to the biomenchanical efficiency of current GRYPiT® designs

Brytespark are facilitators, using our findings we help drive adaptation & innovation.

Whether you want to develop an entirely new approach to market for an existing product, or establish evidence of the functional influences of your designs, engaging Brytespark brings instant resource and impact to your project.
Through the diverse set of abilities available within our team, from Olympic champions to leaders in product & technology design, you can be certain we have the capacity & the ability to help you deliver your project with success & lasting impact.