Convenient & useful - but did you know that as a daily used device, the traditional computer mouse is responsible for a significant number of work-related injuries?

Hard to believe right? Yet, through extensive research and testing, the team at Brytespark have shown that this seemingly humble piece of equipment is also a device capable of driving up both corporation healthcare costs for employees & repetitive strain for users

Revolutionary Infinity Design.

The Brytespark team have designed a completely new ‘mouse’, driven to enhance and improve the user experience with input devices whilst focusing effort to reduce the risks of sustaining potentially long lasting injury.

Commissioned by a U.S. based manufacturer, Brytespark were challenged to develop designs which target load reduction across key nerves in an operators arm.

Our initial consultation focused on developing complimentary product features that would deliver benefits through anatomical positioning & support. Part of this was targeting those nerves which are largely responsible for repetitive injury pain.

Brytespark design user friendly peripheral devices

This mouse design delivers a 14% load reduction on key nerves.

Neutral Position Vertical Grip

Tail fin takes the weight of your arm

Easy Access Controls

Real world insights.

Evidence during trials of the concept design revealed over 14% reduction in loading upon key nerves, delivering relief from pain for users who may otherwise have been in prolonged discomfort.

Our design also showed that tension across shoulder muscles could also be significantly reduced amongst users providing subjective feedback.

Always focused upon improving human health, our perspective on products within the computer peripheral industry means our Clients benefit from unique, real world insights. These perspectives, reinforced with rigorous design, implementation & testing helps drive governance across a global industry.

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