Products available for use by humans are, by their very nature, mass market products. Differences across our anatomy and biomechanics means our movements are often very different...

The movement involved in walking is basically the same across the human form, but we are all recognisable by the very personal way we walk. Through the understanding & harnessing of this individuality of movement and applying to a product design, Brytespark can help you create even greater appeal within your product or app range.

Tailored Product Designing.

When looking at the creation of a mass market product, it becomes critical to think about how it may suit individual users, considering also the fact that we all move quite differently. How can Brytespark help?

We believe there are two primary methods. One is to screen the individual and create a product around the derived measurements….however, right now that can be time consuming and prohibitively expensive.

This methodology will inevitably, over time, become more commercially viable. Until then, we can consider alternative methods of delivering tailored product design solutions to manufacturers and end users that enhance both interaction and usability.

Personlised Biomechanical profiling on-the-go, matching consumers to products in real time.

Biomechanical profiling delivered through bespoke apps, designed to maximise user engagement.

The big alternative to slower product tailoring options, is to create a range of products categorised using biomechanically clear differences. Then, delivering the product to those users best suited to a particular category by screening individuals using self-service apps.

This is now possible using a software experience developed in partnership with Brytespark that deploys a series of simple tests to establish a customer’s biomechanical profile. The app highlights key anotomical & mechanical differences which then allows a user to understand and better direct current & future purchasing decisions, towards suitable products.

The App delivered information can then be applied to the delivery of a personalised, tailored purchasing experience for any Human Interface Design Product, from insoles & shoes right through to chairs and fitness equipment.

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Delivering advanced methods to tailor product design for personalised human interactions.