Scholl are one of the most recognisable brands in foot healthcare. One of Scholl's Key Opinion Leaders, the head of Brytespark, Martin Haines, led the team in the creation of extensive new research protocols.

As part of a major project investment to better understand the function of insoles, across a range of Scholl designs, our delivery covered both the re-mapping of testing procedures & research critical protocols to enable optimised project results.

International Teamwork with Brytespark.

For this design project, our research and development consultation was delivered as part of a managed consultation. The Brytespark framework delivery created input & analysis methodology to the requirements of an International Contract Research Organisation, with all physical testing and measurement performed by an internationally recognised University.

Brytespark helps businesses create tangible, added value, across product development projects.

Protocol & Data Application.

Though the project partnered University carried out the controlled product testing, Brytespark was instrumental in establishing the best practice, results driven protocols and complete range of testing procedures, all with a focus on measurable ‘best’ outcomes.

Additional team function was in the application of key data sets once all testing was complete. Our approach enabling delivery of the ‘so what’ within the project, ensuring the Scholl R&D team could apply the data effectively to enhance onward product development.

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From the creation of product development protocols to data application - Brytespark deliver.