Brytespark is a world leader in Human Interface Design. So, the invitation of Martin Haines to help the McLaren F1 racing team create an advanced monocoque for their drivers was a great accolade - and diverse industry challenge.

As the McLaren F1 design team are counted among some of the most talented & advanced in the world at both design & creation of Formula 1 racing cars, the engagement of Brytespark meant a great expansion of the shared knowledge & complimentary experience available to the project.

Biomechanical Testing Programme.

With the goal of overall enhancement of the F1 Racing Driver’s monocoque environment, Brytespark utilised a custom method of driver testing to establish biomechanical, musculo-skeletal & physiological profiles for each user.

The Brytespark team employed market leading electronic measurement & computation software to establish both baseline and optimised driver environment designs for each driver.

Brytespark offer Race Car Monocoque Design Expertise

The Brytespark team are leaders in the field of Human Interface Design.

Brytespark Help Drive Vehicle Design Improvements

Driving Interface Design.

Understanding every element of the drivers requirements within the monocoque of the Formula 1 racing car meant extensive detail review. Brytespark carried out assessment across both mechanical & digital interfaces, from materials used through driver interactions with available controls.

The comprehensive modelling also integrated industry designer insights through to users, highlighting opportunities for improvement across several elements, from seat positioning to the conceptualisation of revisions for H.A.N.S. – Head & Neck Support Systems – for every driver.

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