Brytespark delivers specialist expertise in Biomechanics & Child Development...

We help our Clients in the exploration & evaluation of concepts, solutions and practical application of theory to uncover meaningful insights for their products & services.

Offering functional diversity, the team at Brytespark are industry qualified, bringing professional leverage to your project. Our ability to work with multiple stakeholders at any given phase of an exploration strategy, helps give your business commercial edge & the agility to refocus your plan as new ideas & information are uncovered.

Brytespark offer turn key solutions for our Clients from product & programme campaign launch, through technical presentations within live settings, television and radio promotion.
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Exercise For Life

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Stage One Micro Scooter
Play For Life Stage One Micro Scooters

Commission our experts to bring knowledge to your projects.

From combined biomechanics and child development understanding, the experts at Brytespark have helped create new thinking and approach to support product evolution & increase societal impact for global brand Micro Scooters.
Focusing on the basic principles of early years gross motor development connected with the concept of Deliberate Play,  the Brytespark team helped create and launch the nationwide Play For Life campaign.

Movement is where it all begins - Exploring the fundamental patterns to create foundations for new learning & insights.

As a company that has revolutionised the school run for over 2 million children, Micro Scooters decided it was time to help drive change in the way people view toddler development.
Looking to the Brytespark team as experts in movement for the research & wider exploration, combining our knowledge with additional expert opinion from around the world, we helped Micro Scooter validate and highlight their key USP that their Micro Scooter product range aligns itself to the stages of readiness in a child’s development.¬† Whenever the child is ready for the next challenge the products grow with them so that they can remain active.

Micro Scooter Stage 2
Play For Life Stage 2 Micro Scooter
Play For Life Stage 3 Micro Scooter
Micro Scooter Stage 3 Play For Life

Linking movement with development to support healthy physical development.

At Brytespark, we understand the lifetime health benefits gained through the early adoption of a positive relationship with movement & our consultancy can help you apply this knowledge to your business. Whether internal requirement, new product development, improvement or exploring new ideas at the inception stage – we can help.
Injecting our expertise into your projects, we help create new thinking, strengthen consumer messaging and increase overall engagement with your brand, products & services to build new connections within your marketplace and gain invaluable recognition.

Here at Brytespark we really enjoyed working with the Micro Scooter team; their creative and positive approach to the Play for Life program helped take our consultants through their second childhood!