With a global team of specialists from medical, sports, fitness & health industries, Brytespark delivers outstanding results with our innovative approach & proven expertise.

Whether your business is looking for help in developing a new product, redesigning an existing commodity or maybe delivering brand new software services – Brytespark will generate and consolidate the research, understanding, application features & design improvements to help drive your project towards commercial success

Expertise in global markets.

The Brytespark team offer expertise gained from working across E.M.E.A & U.S markets. We can contribute to your project with qualified perspective, applying practical development techniques refined through working with global & local brands.

Our in-depth consultative approach means we take the time required to completely understand the principles, concepts and end goals for your project.

Here at Brytespark, we also recognize the huge commercial value in remaining agile in adapting our approach to complement each commercial project we undertake – from initial scope to completion.


Brytespark excel at discovery...

We’re an expert driven, innovative consultancy. That means the exploration of ideas, designs & the evidence to prove a concept or theory is part of our everyday.

But that doesn’t mean we look at each project with the same perspective – quite the opposite. We’re dedicated to making each project contribution as unique as the Clients that engage our services.

We’re a team focused on improving human health. This core commitment drives comprehensive investigation and discovery, ensuring we are able to deliver the most informed recommendations to our Clients.


Integrated, united solution delivery

With a specialist team made up of experts in fields such as biomechanics & medical industries through to Olympic athletes & leaders in sports, health and fitness – we have both the knowledge base and collective experience to deliver world class recommendations.

Whether you require key design enhancements to help a product stand out in a crowded market, or want to create a new integration for an existing product range – the team at Brytespark can help.


Invention to Production - Brytespark Create.

We harmonise theory and practical to ensure product designers are equipped with clear design criteria. Designing, prototyping & production phases are reinforced by our clarity of integration of research outcomes.¬† Working with client design teams, Brytespark delivers as an enabler at every stage, creating improved outcomes for end users….and ultimately, the bottom line!


The Brytespark team, delivering specialist consultancy across the globe.