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Every project Brytespark undertakes, benefits from the professional, proven expertise available within our team. To realise fully the potential of the challenge or goal, every member of the Brytespark team is committed to providing world class, project specific research where necessary.

We help our Clients identify and understand practical & theoretical impacts of any knowledge gained during every phase, ensuring efficient and commercially viable outcomes can be recognised, developed & ultimately delivered.

Innovating Products

Start-Rite Shoes

Identify, Adapt & Develop.

Working with trusted children’s footwear brand Start-Rite, the team at Brytespark engaged a measured set of Biomechanics & Podiatry learning systems to help with developing their range of established products. The primary goal – to address the needs of growing children in the 21st century.
As one of Britain’s oldest children’s shoe manufacturers, the series of studies Brytespark delivered had to provide early evidence that any proposed adaptations would represent tangible progress in established industry understanding…
With our tactical knowledge of body movement, we position as a leading resource for research & development, across diverse industries and markets.

Evolutionary Insights, Driving Global Sales...

To outline current thinking, the Brytespark team started with a comprehensive literature review. Forming the basis for the creation of a tailored hypothesis, we were able to focus specifically on children’s foot and body development in the the 21st century.
As a key part of the project development, these insights delivered by Brytespark fed directly into a revolutionary new shoe sole unit design. Our latter stage research demonstrated conclusive improvement of flexibility around the complete toe area, encouraging natural weight transfer throughout the foot.
Additional benefit was also measured and identified, in the balance of the forces underneath the wearers foot at different stages, a key requirement for healthy movement during a child’s development.

Evolutionary insights, delivered by Brytespark & now adopted across Start-Rite footwear being sold in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world…

Start-rite Insoles

Responsive development through the advantage of understanding...

We know that every project will have a different initiation point. From the use of precision scientific equipment to interpreting & distilling measured results, the team at Brytespark will deliver connective knowledge & understanding that offers truly unique perspective in your industry.

As a commercially aware consultancy, we also offer the real advantage to implement scalable, agile and pin-focused project management, alongside your own teams & with a resource of talented experts from Biomechanics, Medicine & Fitness.