Brytespark Consulting

Innovation in health, medicine, fitness and sport

With a deep understanding of human movement, Brytespark are experts in two distinctive areas; Design Innovation for product development and Web Applications for human performance. The common theme of understanding human movement allows Brytespark to work with organisations to enhance current products and support the development of new ideas. Brytespark also develop web applications based on remotely measured individual physical profiles and automated personal interventions, to improve performance, help prevent injury risk and provide clinical pathways.

Brytespark designs products which interact with the human body. This is based upon detailed knowledge of human movement ensuring a seamless link between product and person and optimal comfort. The Brytespark team will give your product the edge in a competitive market place

Brytespark creates personalised web applications, including screening protocols and interventions, controlled and delivered through an expert system via the web. These applications help people perform better in their job, at home or on the sports field.

International Board Members

Tessa Sanderson – UK

Former Olympic Athlete

Jonas Morin – Sweden

Strength and Conditioning Coach and Biomechanics Coach

Trevor Prior – UK

Podiatric Surgeon

Martin Haines Managing Director

Martin is a highly regarded and experienced Biomechanics Coach and Chartered Physiotherapist with expertise in sports medicine, biomechanics and rehabilitation. Martin is an honorary lecturer at Salford University, a published author and lectures internationally. Martin also has extensive experience in working with the world’s leading sports stars. Brytespark has provided performance training programmes for Olympic athletes such as Sir Steve Redgrave, Tessa Sanderson, Derek Redmond and Daley Thompson.

Delivering consultancy on product development for companies such as Boots, Maclaren, Scholl, Reckitt Benckiser and Start-rite, is where Martin brings his expertise to deliver exceptional product development and innovation.

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Brytespark Achievement Highlights

  • April 2012: Keynote speaker at the American Occupational Health Conference, Los Angeles, USA
  • June 2012: Guest lecturer at the Foot Health Show, Kettering, UK
  • September 2012: Established Brytespark
  • September 2012: Keynote speaker at British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO) Annual conference
  • October 2012: International guest speaker at the Annual Swedish Fitness Conference, Malmo, Sweden
  • November 2012: Member International Advisory Board to European Tour Physio Unit
  • November 2012: Appointed Honorary Senior Lecturer at Salford University and Collaborator in Research and Innovation
  • November 2012: Keynote speaker at UK Biomechanics Coaching Association Annual Conference, Leicester, UK

  • April 2013: Guest lecturer at the European Golf Tour International Conference, Belfry, Birmingham, UK
  • April 2013: Guest speaker at FitPro fitness conference, Loughborough University, UK
  • June 2013: Guest lecturer at the Foot Health Show, Kettering, UK
  • June 2013: Keynote speaker at European Fitness Conference, Malmo, Sweden
  • September 2013: International guest speaker at the Annual Swedish Fitness Conference, Malmo, Sweden
  • November 2013: Deputy Synthesis, hip and knee implant manufacturer; provided conceptual model to improve biomechanics of implants and development of rehab protocols

  • January 2014 – Start-Rite shoes; developed new shoe sole design for children
  • April 2014: Guest speaker at IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport, Monaco
  • September 2014: Partner Seasons Health Club, Norwich

  • January 2015: Start-rite shoes; developed Children’s Physical Activity Programme
  • April 2015: Tessa Sanderson Foundation; establishing High Performance Centre
  • April 2015: Technical expert team to Pera Technology; to review product range for Boots Pharmaceuticals
  • April 2015: Keynote speaker Performance Movement Summit, Jersey
  • May 2015: Keynote speaker with Tessa Sanderson, Olympic Athlete, at the Tech4Health Conference, London UK
  • August 2015: Member of The Medical Advisory Board to the PGA European Tour Physio Unit
  • September 2015: Keynote speaker at The Movement Conference, Loughborough University, UK

  • March 2016: Speedo swimwear; technical development of products
  • May 2016: Appointed Divisional Physical Wellness Lead Ambassador, ISOS
  • June 2016: leading the development of new range of fitness equipment for health club and home market
  • September 2016: Keynote speaker at The Movement Conference, Loughborough University, UK
  • December 2016: Author; wrote biomechanics and conditioning chapter for Soccer Science, published by Human Kinetics

  • Consultant to Reckitt Benckiser
  • Innovation consultant to Scholl
  • Appointed to the International Advisory Board to Scholl
  • Keynote Speaker at IBA conference, Loughborough University
  • Speaker at Golf Biomechanics Conference, London
  • Consultant to Motion Studio, Malmo, Sweden
  • Technical consultant to GrypIT Gym Handles
  • Partner with 54 Degrees North to create Intelligent Healthcare Apps

  • Scholl - Key Opinion Leader (KOL)
  • Consultant to GrypIT handles
  • Created the brand 'FLX' to create Digital Health Apps
  • Consultant to Start Rite Shoes
  • Keynote speaker at international Golf Conference, Loughborough University
  • Technical article for Nelson's Ski Holidays Brochure
  • Lecturer at Foot Biomechanics Conference, London
  • Workshop on Biomechanical Screening at Liege University, Belgium
  • Keynote speaker at International Biomechanics Conference, London
  • Accepted onto Serendip Innovation programme at Birmingham University
  • Fitness consultant to Seasons Health Club, Norwich

  • Consultant to Depuy Synthsis
  • Consultant to Micro Scooters
  • Technical Consultant to Dimensions - corporate workwear suppliers
  • Scholl Key Opinion Leader (KOL)
  • Consultant to The Motion Studio - High Performance Training Club, Sweden
  • Creator of unique home and commercial fitness equipment
  • Medical and rehab consultant to
  • Golf Biomechanics workshops, Loughborough University
  • Education for Sport Link Running and Fitness footwear specialists, Norwich


Brytespark has experience of working with many of the worlds major international companies