The Brytespark approach is always collaborative, from the organisation of expert resource to the creation of content & focus for your project, we provide a complete solution.

The Brytespark consultancy offers incredible depth of knowledge and experience, with our team drawn from wide-ranging fields of study & practical application, from Biomechanics, Medicine & Podiatry to Education, Health & Fitness.

In partnership with 54 Degrees North and under our joint FLX brand, the Brytespark team have created and delivered a comprehensive range of movement programs to support a world first for the global health App marketplace.

Whether you are targeting vertical or horizontal markets, physical or software based products, we can help with every phase of creation, streamlining a route to the results you want.

Maintaining physical activity


Developing clinical & biomechanical algorithms is just the beginning...

With musculoskeletal disease one of the most common health problems faced by the global population today, not only is quality of life impacted for sufferers, but public & commercial environments often contribute to an ongoing key primer – physical inactivity.
At a time when an inefficiency to overcome physical inertia has reached epidemic levels of prevalence in society, so too has the link to a multitude of serious health problems become even more apparent.
Applying our wide-ranging understanding of the human body, how we work, move & interact with our environment, we enable companies to develop products that deliver positive impact & often long term gain, directly to their users.

FLX helps reduce absenteeism, maximising workforce engagement through improved attendance

Balancing human evolution and the technological revolution...

Delivering concise, personalised physical therapy routines & advice direct to users, the FLX App aims to redress the imbalances from the impacts of modern living upon the human body. Created for regular use, FLX aids musculoskeletal fitness, making a direct contribution to the improvement and maintenance of healthy movement.  Helping to reduce injury risk, empowering individuals to self manage their low-grade injuries, FLX contributes towards keeping a workforce happier and more productive.
The expertise of the Brytespark team has been utilised to establish the patterning of movement, fundamental to enable FLX algorithm development which addresses major biomechanical factors in the FLX App, such as dysfunction and performance.
Core to the project, the team at Brytespark also created, deployed & measured validation studies across the UK to support the value proposition, reinforcing the benefits of onward public & commercial application.

Decades of physiotherapy experience on our smartphone with FLX...

The expertise of the Brytespark Team has been utilised to establish the key biomechanical features that compromise our capacity to move how nature intended.   Using algorithms we then calculate the most impactful interventions in the form of personalised exercise and advice to help manage dysfunction, help reduce pain and improve performance.