Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen Exercise Physiologist

PhD, MSc

Exercise Physiologist

  • Researcher, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia
  • Currently a researcher, lecturer and consultant in two principle areas of research following on from his PhD in the evaluation of strength and power in relation to cardiometabolic and musculoskeletal health:
    • Muscle strength and health; he has published on the use of handgrip strength as a simple measure of cardiometabolic health in children and adults internationally.
    • Force platform testing for performance and injury risk screening, and in the monitoring of rehab progress and neuromuscular fatigue; working in consultant and research capacity with Institutes of Sport and professional teams in England and internationally.
  • He is also consultant to NMP technologies Ltd, who have designed a technology to rapidly evaluate neuromuscular performance and performance asymmetries – relevant to recovery, injury risk and rehabilitation in athletes, older people and post-surgery patients.

Daniel provides the team with the expertise in developing research protocols that are required when creating performance programmes and delivering product development at the highest level. Daniel works closely with Martin on all projects that require evidence base practice and the support of an internationally renowned academic.